MVCS Warrior PNG Athletics

Warrior Athletics


The ultimate purpose of athletics at MVCS is to bring honor and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ by:

  • Providing instruction in the use of the body to reflect the glory of God through sports.
  • Applying the principle of the “well-rounded” person in Luke 2:52 through the integration of academics, athletics, and social activities.
  • Promoting the Biblical definition of “winning”:
    • Doing our best.
    • Physical winning (scoreboard).
    • Acknowledge God in all areas (win or lose) and leaving the results in His hands.
    • Pray for His guidance in striving to be a true winner
    • Athletic success=The confidence that comes from knowing that one did his very best to the glory of God.
  • Involving the student body, parents, faculty, and staff in developing school spirit and unity.
  • Maintaining a clear Christian testimony to opposing schools, officials, and others in the public with whom we make contact through words, actions, and attitudes.

Individual Objectives to be Developed:

  • Development of the physical body through the varied abilities granted to each individual athlete.
  • Development of Christlike character traits such as dependability, self-control, punctuality, love, enthusiasm, faith, endurance, humility, and obedience.
  • Application of good sportsmanship:
    • Respect for the opposition at all times.
    • Respect for the officials at all times.
    • Knowledge, application, and appreciation for the rules of the game.
    • Self-control.
    • Appreciation for skilled performance regardless of team affiliation.

Fall Sports


Varsity Soccer

Head Coach: Jerad Warix

2024 Schedule

Varsity Volleyball

Head Coach: Becki Wright

2024 Schedule

Winter Sports


JV Boys Basketball

Head Coach: Tim Kunz

2023-24 Schedule

Varsity Boys Basketball

Head Coach: David Bishop

2023-24 Schedule

Varsity Girls Basketball

Head Coach: Tim Lee

2023-24 Schedule