Faculty & Staff


Pastor Sam Lavender

Interim Pastor/Bible Teacher

Pastor Sam Lavender is a graduate of Bob Jones University. He has been involved in evangelism in a variety of ways, including serving as camp staff evangelist and directing VBS programs. He and his wife Hilary joined the staff at Faith Baptist Church last fall as Youth Pastor. He is teaching a variety of classes at MVCS.

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David Schneider


David Schneider is the new administrator of MVCS, joining our staff this year. He is a graduate of Northland Baptist Bible College with a BS in Education. David has been teaching and coaching since 1985.

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Teachers

Missy Schell

Pre-Kindergarten & Core First Grade classes

Missy Schell is teaching our Pre-Kindergarten class (four year old students) and also all of the core classes for first grade. She is a graduate of SIUE in Special Education. She also assists with much of our athletic events.

Email: Missy Schell

Sarai Hughes


Sarai Hughes, an alumnus of MVCS, is in her second year teaching. She is teaching our Kindergarten class in the morning and our combined Pre-K and Kindergarten class for those students staying for the full day.

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Elementary Teachers

Carol Franklin

First & Second Grades

Carol Franklin, a MVCS graduate, has been involved with the school in various capacities since her graduation from Faith Baptist Bible College. She teaches our first and second grades.

Robin Schneider

Third & Fourth Grades

Robin Schneider joined our staff this year with her husband David. She is a graduate of Northland Baptist Bible College and Indiana Baptist College, Indianapolis, IN. Robin has been teaching since 1986. She teaches our third and fourth grades, directs our secondary choirs and gives private voice and piano lessons.

Julie Ruyle

Fifth and Sixth Grades

Julie Ruyle is a December 2013 graduate of Bob Jones University with a degree in Upper Elementary Education. After doing some substituting for us in the spring of 2014, she became our fifth and sixth grade teacher.

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Secondary Teachers

Joan Conrad

Secondary History

Joan Conrad has worn many hats at MVCS. After over thirty years of teaching full-time, Joan stepped down to a part-time schedule in 2009 and officially retired in 2016. She willingly agreed to return and teach our geography class for this year.

Email: Joan Conrad

Jerry Fair

Secondary Math

Jerry Fair came to MVCS in 2006 to serve as Administrator after previously teaching college students at Northland Baptist Bible College. This year he has stepped down as administrator and has assumed the role as secondary teacher for math. He also substitutes where needed.

Email: Jerry Fair

Danielle Gleason

Secondary Science and Math

Danielle Gleason, an alumnus of MVCS, graduated from Bob Jones University in 2014 and returned to her alma mater. She is teaching secondary math, science, and computer classes.

Donna Thaxton

Secondary Speech

Donna Thaxton is a graduate of Bob Jones. She has been with MVCS since 1978, teaching all English and speech classes. She officially retired in 2016; however, she was willing to teach speech again this year.

Lety Huels


Lety Huels is a graduate of SIU. She had taught Spanish here at MVCS several years ago but took time off after the birth of her daughter. She is back at MVCS and teaching Spanish I and II.

Email: Lety Huels

Jennifer Vaughn

Secondary English and Literature / Elementary English

Jennifer Vaughn, a graduate of MVCS and Bob Jones University, has been involved with MVCS in many areas over the years. She is currently teaching third-sixth grade English and secondary English and literature.

Nancy Wooten

Matron, Teacher’s Aide

Nancy Wooten came to MVCS in 2012 and serves as our matron. She also provides much needed assistance to our full-time K4 and K5 students at lunch and helps out in study halls and wherever else needed.

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Office Staff

Lee Olney


Lee Olney is the wife of Pastor Tom Olney. She assists at school as a receptionist.

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Freda Warinner

Faith Baptist Church Secretary

Freda Warinner has been an active member of Faith Baptist for eight years. She recently took over as our part-time church secretary and also serves as our Ladies’ Ministry Coordinator.

Lorraine DuPont

Office Secretary

Lorraine DuPont volunteers in both the office and the classroom. She helps wherever there is a need. She is teaching our Keyboarding class this year.

Linda Lewis

Office Manager

Linda Lewis is a 1986 graduate of Northland Baptist Bible College. She joined our MVCS staff last year. Linda works alongside the Administrator, is responsible for all student records, and serves as the yearbook advisor.

Email: Linda Lewis